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As part of the exhibition project Experiments IV · 4 + 8, four young artists are exhibiting their work in the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science. Today's guest is: Ruben Brückel. The Swiss-born painter studies at the Mainz Art Academy.

Ruben Brückel takes inspiration for his works on long walks through urban areas. It is not the magnificent buildings and architectural masterpieces that particularly attract him. On the contrary, he is fascinated by the places where the city is less planned and more wildly grown. Backyards, for example, which give his group of works Backyards its name, stimulate his creativity. On the one hand, different architectural styles meet here, on the other hand, the residents of the city intervene in the design of these rooms by using the space or applying graffiti.

Ruben Brückel works with a wide range of materials. He has many means of expression at his disposal, from heavy oil paints to light tempera, oil pastels or an seemingly cursory graffiti. He applies the different colors to his pictures in layers, which overlap and sometimes reveal elements further below. The painter worked on his pictures over a longer period of time, sometimes changing the conception, but leaving earlier elements like relics of a bygone era.

On Sunday, September 5th, 2021, Ruben Brückel will present himself to the interested audience for an artist talk in the Cadoro. From 12 p.m., friends of Gallery van der Koelen and anyone interested in art can get to know the artist and have their questions about his work answered.

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Ruben Brückel - o.T.
Ruben Brückel
o.T. ‧ 2021
Tempera, Ölfarbe, Ölkreide & Sprühfarbe auf Leinen, 50 x 40 cm
Ruben Brückel - Backyard No. 13
Ruben Brückel
Backyard No. 13 ‧ 2020
Tempera, Ölfarbe, Ölpastell & Sprühfarbe auf Leinen, 155 x 135 cm
Ruben Brückel - Backyards
Ruben Brückel
Backyards ‧ 2021
Tempera, Sprühfarbe als VA zum Kat. Experimente IV, 40 x 30 cm · Aufl. 12 Ex

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4 + 8

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