Martina Lang Künstlergespräch

26 August 2021
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The sculptor and installation artist Martina Lang is currently studying at the Art Academy in Mainz in the sculpture class of Martin Schwenk as well as computer science at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

In her work she builds this bridge from analogue to digital and combines computer science with sculpture. To do this, she uses sound and self-built mechanisms, but also the medium of language, which is central to human communication.

For her installation I wish… she placed a printer on a shelf mounted high on the wall. The device is programmed to make printouts at irregular intervals. Printouts of wishes – often humorous and full of puns – which seem to originate from the printer himself. Lang turns the device from object to subject, granting it individuality.

Her work Obsolete is also an olfactory pleasure. The installation consists of a teapot (filled with freshly brewed fruit tea) which is connected to a matching tea cup by means of a hose. A connected pump now conveys the tea from the pot into the cup and after a short time back into the pot. A cycle. The process is completely automated. With a wink, Martina Lang indicates that the act of drinking tea has become obsolete here. The work arose from the artist's habit of having morning tea.

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, Martina Lang will present herself to the interested audience for an artist talk in the Cadoro. From 12 p.m., friends of Gallery van der Koelen and anyone interested in art can get to know the artist and have their questions about her work answered.

You want find out more about the activities of the van der Koelen Foundation for Art and Science or Gallery Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen? New videos from the series are released regularly on our YouTube channel.


Martina Lang - Obsolet
Martina Lang
Obsolet ‧ 2018
Teegeschirr, Tee, Schlauch, Pumpe, Relais, Größe variabel
Martina Lang - I wish…
Martina Lang
I wish… ‧ 2020
Drucker, Papier, Platinencomputer, Größe variabel
Martina Lang - Vertraulich
Martina Lang
Vertraulich ‧ 2021
Papier in Glückskeks, Folie, Papier, 20 x 11 x 7 cm · Aufl. 12 Ex.

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