Lore Bert Traces of Memory - Signs of the Present

1 July 2021
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For the 85th birthday of the internationally renowned artist Lore Bert, Dorothea van der Koelen will present a unique, comprehensive solo exhibition in the CADORO (Center for Art and Science, Mainz) under the title »Traces of Memory - Signs of the Present«! On display in the building's three spacious showrooms (135-150 m2 each), 74 important works by Lore Bert document the development and diversity of her artistic work from the 1980s to the present day. Dorothea van der Koelen, gallerist and president of the ›Van der Koelen Foundation for Art and Science‹ and Bettina Gräfin von Pfeil, 3sat culture editor, will open the extraordinary event on July 3rd.

The title »Traces of Memory - Signs of the Present«, selected by Lore Bert, accentuates the term ›time‹ and thus presents the basic message of the exhibition: the past, the artist's career, the development of her work and the more than 300 exhibitions and 120 environments in museums and public institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Arabia, the USA, Mexico and Canada can be found as ›traces of memory‹ in the historically divided works. At the same time, Lore Bert's continuous creative activity is also documented with the artist's latest works, which relate to today's topicality: These are the ›signs of the present‹. »Traces of Memory - Signs of the Present« was also the title of her successful exhibition at the Palácio Nacional in Sintra (Portugal, 1995). At that time, Lore Bert integrated ten new environments into the historical halls of the palace. Today she presents her artistic history in the modern, young CADORO building.

The exhibition, which extends over three floors of the CADORO, gives the visitor the opportunity to take a unique journey into the artistic universe of Lore Bert. Rare, valuable works from the 80s, which mark turning points in her artistic development, are presented on the first floor, e.g. ›Large torso with triangle‹ (Aquatec and paper on canvas, 130 x 100 cm, 1983) or ›Ordered Rows II‹ (Aquatec and paper with cotton on canvas, 130 x 70 cm, 1984). On the ground floor, the visitor is accompanied on the long journey into Arab-Oriental worlds that have decisively shaped Lore Bert's oeuvre since the 1990s. ›Wisdom (Arabic)‹ (transparent with Nepal paper on Japanese paper, 120 x 270 cm, 1996) and ›Numbers in Light‹ (paper room environment with eight oriental neon numbers, 500 x 800 cm, 2021) are impressive examples of this. The artist is also showing important works on Kant's Transcendental Aesthetics on the ground floor – such as ›Kant – Time and Space‹ (installation of 12 spheres with texts, 500 x 800 cm, 2021). On the 2nd floor, visitors can look forward to the latest works by Lore Bert (from the series Folded Field Collages as well as Shapes and Colors) as well as masterpieces from her Biennial exhibition (›Sun‹ – Japanese paper and gold leaf, 180 x 180 cm, 2018) and current works with Chinese characters (›Sun and Travel (Chinese)‹ – Japanese paper and sepia, 140 x 140 cm, 2021).

Lore Bert · »Walking through a Life« is the name of the recently published comprehensive publication (608 pages, 1,400 photos, Chorus Verlag) that documents this fascinating journey for the art.

You want find out more about the work of Lore Bert? Then you should check out her online presence on our gallery website! New videos from the series are released regularly on our YouTube channel.


Lore Bert - Kant: Verschiedene Zeiten sind …
Lore Bert
Kant: Verschiedene Zeiten sind … ‧ 2004
Transparent mit Japanpapier, 60 x 60 cm, WVZ 04035
Lore Bert - Sun
Lore Bert
Sun ‧ 2018
Bildobjekt mit Japanpapier und Blattgold, 180 x 180 cm, WVZ 18090
Lore Bert - Tee (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Tee (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Falt-Feld-Japanpapier und Tusche, 30 x 30 cm, WVZ 21029



Arbeiten 1985 – 1988
Lore Bert
Arbeiten 1985 – 1988

Reihe Dokumente unserer Zeit – Band 6


16,50 €
Licht - Werke
Lore Bert
Licht - Werke

Reihe Kunst Theorie – Band 14


25,– €
Spaziergang durch ein Leben
Lore Bert
Spaziergang durch ein Leben


78,– €

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