Lore Bert Spaziergang durch ein Leben

15 April 2021
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The internationally renowned paper artist Lore Bert works with the finest Japanese paper. Her works have already been shown in more than 250 exhibitions in 28 countries. In addition to her well-known three-dimensional relief objects with crumpled paper, which are created in different colors and formats, the artist also makes elegant banners using Japanese paper and cotton wool, which create a poetic effect through their delicacy and beauty.

The present volume – entitled Lore Bert · A Walk Through a Life – traces the remarkable career of the now world-famous Mainz paper artist. From the first exhibitions in Germany in the 1980s to the first stay abroad to the internationalization of exhibition activities, the various phases are expertly presented. The text that guides the reader through the chapters comes from the pen of the artist herself, who – although she never kept a diary – has a large treasure trove of precise memories of the important stages of her career, in which she gladly allows the reader to participate.

In her scientifically sound but at the same time very personal foreword, Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen outlines her experiences at the side of the artist and classifies her work and her development in terms of art history. In addition, in this mammoth biographical work, over 20 voices by companions of Lore Bert from almost half a century have their say in selected quotes, including renowned art historians and diplomats.

Lore Bert has seen a lot. She has dandered on every continent, has exhibited, created environments in harmony with the local culture and made friendships that accompany and delight her to this day. In contrast to other important figures in the art world, however, she also moves off the beaten track. She not only strolls through the red carpets of London, Paris or New York, but also treads the dusty streets of Kathmandu in Nepal or marveled at the natural beauty of Iceland during her stay in Reykjavik. These diverse impressions enrich them and of course also find expression in their art, which is so colorful and varied due to this wide range of experiences.

Months of detailed research, image selection and editing were in order to be able to present this monumental volume to the interested art public in close coordination with the artist, who was also actively involved in the design decisions in the book. Subtle art connoisseurs who have valued Lore Bert's work for years have been waiting for this biographical tidbit. After the extensive volumes Opus Environments in 2001, Hauptwerke2003, Stationen 2006 and the epoch-making biennial book Art & Knowledge in 2013, a compendium is now being published that not only overshadows the previous volumes, but also supplements them in terms of content and the broader perspective it provides.

On the occasion of the publication of Lore Bert's heartfelt project, which she is looking forward to with great joy, the renowned paper artist from Mainz has created a special edition for her pioneering readers. In a combination of her popular transparent works with the influences of the Asian sphere, in which she was allowed to immerse herself several times over the course of her exciting artistic life, she created a limited group of works. Lore Bert inscribed its outer, smooth layer, which consists of exclusive Japanese paper, in filigree precision work with a brush. The content revels in the aesthetics of Asian characters, which have fascinated her since her first visit to Shanghai. Her hardworking employees then filled the labeled paper bags with cotton wool so that – similar to the picture objects – the picture is expanded into the room, here by means of a gentle curve. These works will be available to art lovers and collectors as part of the book launch and as a subscription offer for a short time.


Lore Bert - Tee (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Tee (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Malerei auf Karton, 24 x 18 cm, WVZ 21099
Lore Bert - Reisen (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Reisen (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Transparent mit Japanpapier und Tusche, 50 x 50 cm, WVZ 21011
Lore Bert - Luft (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Luft (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Falt-Feld-Japanpapier und Sepia, 30 x 30 cm, WVZ 21066



Lore Bert - Gold (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Gold (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Multiple-Transparent mit Japanpapier, 30 x 30 cm, Aufl. 12 Ex.
Lore Bert - Zeit (chinesisch)
Lore Bert
Zeit (chinesisch) ‧ 2021
Multiple-Transparent mit Japanpapier, 30 x 30 cm, Aufl. 12 Ex.


Spaziergang durch ein Leben
Lore Bert
Spaziergang durch ein Leben


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