Helena Hafemann Künstlergespräch

19 August 2021
Helena Hafemann auf YouTube

As part of the exhibition project Experiments IV · 4 + 8, four young artists are exhibiting their work in the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science. One of them is Helena Hafemann. The sculptor, installation artist and curator has been drawing attention to herself with solo and group exhibitions since 2016 and has also successfully curated the exhibitions at the Kunstraum Wiesbaden.

A special focus of the artist is on the value or appreciation that objects are given. Helena Hafemann changes these parameters through artistic intervention when she creates her works. To this end, she often uses simple materials – such as kitchen rolls or sponge wool – in which she invests some of her lifetime through elaborate processing and the conversion from a ›means to an end‹ to a work of art, thereby appreciating it. She takes single-use and disposable items, but also damaged and unusable items, as the starting point for her creative work.

The range of materials used in her oeuvre is correspondingly diverse. Not the finest handicraft materials but kitchen paper, the so-called ›scrubbing sponge wool‹ (a material from which you can make kitchen sponges by hand) or broken porcelain form the basis for Helena Hafemann's works of art.

Next Sunday, August 22nd, 2021, Helena Hafemann will present herself to the interested audience for an artist talk in the Cadoro. From 12 p.m. friends of the van der Koelen gallery and anyone interested in art can get to know the artist and have their questions about the work of the charismatic Wiesbaden artist answered.

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Helena Hafemann - Fadenscheinig Zwiebelmuster
Helena Hafemann
Fadenscheinig Zwiebelmuster ‧ 2019
Porzellan, Garn, Größe variabel
Helena Hafemann - Von_Zeit_zu_Zeit
Helena Hafemann
Von_Zeit_zu_Zeit ‧ 2021
Schwamm-Wolle, Kinderstuhl, Größe variabel
Helena Hafemann - Zeitkapsel
Helena Hafemann
Zeitkapsel ‧ 2021
Schwamm-Wolle, 11 x 5 x 5 cm · Aufl. 12 Ex.

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4 + 8

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