Experimente IV · 4 + 8 Buchpräsentation

Experimente IV · 4 + 8 Teilnehmer

It was an exciting year for the participants in the Experimente IV · 4 + 8 project and for the visitors of the resulting exhibition. Under the management of the van der Koelen Foundation for Art and Science, eight students of art history together with four studying artists designed and realized an exhibition in the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science. The result is a refreshing show with a captivating mix of innovative and classic concepts that continue to excite visitors.

But the project does not end with the exhibition alone. The creation of a catalogue documenting the entire project is also planned for Experiments IV · 4 + 8. In cooperation with the four teams – each consisting of one artist and two art scholars – a richly illustrated exhibition catalogue was created that covers the entire project period. Supplemented by scientific texts written by the project participants on the artistic positions and biographies of all participants, it offers comprehensive project documentation and refreshes the memories of the time spent together.

Just in time for the finissage of the exhibition on September 29, 2021 at 4 p.m., we are pleased to present the catalog hot off the press in the Cadoro - Center for Art and Science in Mainz-Hechtsheim to the interested art public. Secure your personal copy and take a look at the attractive special editions of the young artists (see order form below), which are very popular. Members of the Friends of the Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen receive particularly favorable conditions (see order form below) when purchasing special editions and publications from Chorus Verlag für Kunst und Wissenschaft.

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4 + 8

4 + 8

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