Arne Quinze

18 March 2021
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Born in Belgium in 1971, Arne Quinze is a young but already established conceptual artist. The credit of his growing success goes to the great, original public installations that he produced in France, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Lebanon, Brazil and China. The fact that he worked with renowned international art galleries, through which he has been participating in the most important art fairs for years, and organized personal exhibitions in a multitude of different countries in the entire world also bolsters his reputation as an artist.

As he tells us in an interview on the occasion of his exhibition in Venice, Arne Quinze has discovered his passion for art in his younger days. Although he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Quinze is a self-taught. That’s because he left the academy after a short period of time develop his own expressive language. "I devoted myself seriously to the graffiti then (...) The walls were the only canvas I had at that time." A trace of this experience remains in the artists gesture and attitude towards the city as well as in his vision to interact with urban context in an unconventional way. He desires to surprise and provoke people’s visual expectations with unexpected impressions.

Today he has a formidable team of young employees at his command which helps him to realize public works. We see them unloading the material together from large trucks, pulling up the heavy planks, climbing top, placing, screwing, nailing. Following the execution of an Arne Quinze’s project with our own eyes - just watch one of the videos produced by the team - is an rousing experience -. The enthusiasm grows when the work is completed.

Like large trees, huts, or even gigantic nests, his installations attract the viewers and gives them a feeling of safety. They also transform his relation to the urban environmentand to the people, as well as functioning as a meeting place where the personal perception of the work is shared with the community.

Paintings or installations of various shapes and sizes, all the works of Arne Quinze are born from the desire to express and convey a vital and creative impulse.


Arne Quinze - Sulphur
Arne Quinze
Sulphur ‧ 2019
Aluminium, Acryl-Farbe, 197 x 72 x 56 cm
Arne Quinze - Natural Chaos 170318
Arne Quinze
Natural Chaos 170318 ‧ 2017
Stahl, Bronze (mixed media), 295 x 240 x 105 cm
Arne Quinze - Chaoslife 160812
Arne Quinze
Chaoslife 160812 ‧ 2012
Farbe, Holz Spiegel, Glasbox, Ø 100 x 10 cm



Arne Quinze

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