Nam, Tchun-Mo Black and White in Dialog

17 November 2022
Nam, Tchun-Mo on YouTube

Nam, Tchun-Mo · Bipolar – Black and White in Dialog

In this week’s newsletter we present another video of the current exhibition Bipolar at the Cadoro. This time it’s about the artist Nam Tchun-Mo.

Born in Daegu, South Korea, in 1961, Nam Tchun-Mo is a member of the Dansaekhwa movement. Dansaekhwa is an art movement that has been established in South Korea since the 1960s, which works in a radically abstract and largely monochrome manner and is perhaps most comparable to the European ZERO movement.

Nam Tchun-Mo’s works are formally largely reduced to the basic element of the drawing line. Depending on the group of works, it has a different character, for example, it can appear elegant and gently curved, as in the spring works, or strictly formal and dead straight, as in the works of the beam group. The line, however, does not remain on the picture carrier. It rises – reinforced by synthetic resin to a relief-like structure – into the third dimension.

The exploration of the line and the capture of light are at the centre of Nam Tchun-Mo’s creative work. The effect of light on his works, executed in many different colours, the play of light and shadow on his reliefs establishes a link to his childhood, when sunlight and shadow danced across the furrows of fields stretching far and wide. This aspect of his oeuvre predestines his filigree works for the new show Bipolar – Black and White in Dialogue, which can be seen at the Cadoro – Centre for Art and Science in Mainz from 22 October 2022.


Nam Tchun-Mo - beam 17-71
Nam Tchun-Mo
beam 17-71 ‧ 2017
oil on coated fabric
160 x 120 cm
inv. nº 6042
Nam Tchun-Mo - beam 17-173
Nam Tchun-Mo
beam 17-173 ‧ 2017
acrylic on coated fabric
115 x 100 cm
inv. nº 6039
Nam Tchun-Mo - spring 22-16
Nam Tchun-Mo
spring 22-16 ‧ 2022
acrylic on coated fabric
160 x 120 cm
inv. nº 6048



Gestures in Lines

Nam Tchun-Mo Gestures in Lines

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 55 2022 € 20.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen