Nam, Tchun-Mo Artist Talk

2 June 2022
Nam, Tchun-Mo on YouTube

Nam, Tchun-Mo – Artist Talk

Exploring the line and capturing the light are at the heart of Nam Tchun-Mo’s creative work. The South Korean artist, who is related to the European ZERO movement with his largely monochrome and abstract oeuvre, oscillates between brushstroke style and constructed compositions that strive from the image carrier into the third dimension. The effect of light on his multicolored works, the play of light and shadow on his resin reliefs, is reminiscent of his childhood days, when sunlight and shadow danced across the furrows of fields stretching far and wide.

On June 11, 2022, the vernissage of the new exhibition Gestures in Lines by the Korean artist Nam Tchun-Mo will take place in the CADORO in Mainz. New works from the last five years are presented on two floors of the spacious exhibition venue. We look forward to welcoming you on this festive occasion.

As part of the preparations for the exhibition, Nam Tchun-Mo visited the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science in Mainz. In the stimulating atmosphere he quickly got into a conversation with the gallerist and curator Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen. The result is recorded in our video of the week. Walkingt through the exhibition, the artist and the gallerist exchange thoughts about Nam Tchun-Mo's working methods, his philosophy and intellectual fathers. It has never been so easy to get to know the artist up close and in the original sound. A must for lovers of art and Asian culture.


Nam Tchun-Mo - beam 16-128
Nam Tchun-Mo
beam 16-128 ‧ 2016
acrylic color on coated canvas
115 x 100 cm,
inv. nº 5971
Nam Tchun-Mo - stroke-lines 22-62
Nam Tchun-Mo
stroke-lines 22-62 ‧ 2022
acrylic color on coated canvas
160 x 120 cm,
inv. nº 5987
Nam Tchun-Mo - beam 17-173
Nam Tchun-Mo
beam 17-173 ‧ 2017
acrylic color on coated canvas
115 x 100 cm,
inv. nº 5972

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen