Mohammed Kazem Corona Scratches

25 August 2022
Mohammed Kazem on YouTube

Mohammed Kazem

The Corona period with all its restrictions was not without influence on Mohammed Kazem’s work. He processed his experiences in several series of Corona-Scratches. In them, he combines the Scratch technique, which he has refined since the 1990s, with circular forms that have been burned into his mind from the media representations of the virus. Within these series, Mohammed Kazem unfolds a great richness of colours and forms, which are partly due to varying scratch techniques and partly to the controlled use of chance. You can find a small selection of the works on our order sheet below. If you would like to have a look at other works, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The artist himself was present at this year’s summer festival, which took place at the Cadoro on 20 August 2022. At the opening of his exhibition in the bazar area of the exhibition house, he answered Dr Dorothea van der Koelen’s interested questions in an artist talk, which we would like to present to you as our video of the week.


Mohammed Kazem - Measuring
Mohammed Kazem
Measuring ‧ 2015
Light box with painted stainless steel, LED light (blue)
40 x 40 x 40 cm, 3 copies,
inv. nº 4636
Mohammed Kazem - Directions (CADORO) Blue
Mohammed Kazem
Directions (CADORO) Blue ‧ 2020
Aluminium and LED Light
70 x 35 cm, ed. of 5 + 1 a.p.,
inv. nº 5902
Mohammed Kazem - Collecting Sounds – N° DR 1 (Yellow)
Mohammed Kazem
Collecting Sounds – N° DR 1 (Yellow) ‧ 2021
Acrylic on scratched paper
76 x 56 cm,
inv. nº 5918



Collecting Light

Mohammed Kazem Collecting Light

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 54 2019 € 25.00

Zahlen – Zeit – Zeichen

Zahlen – Zeit – Zeichen Numbers – Time – Signs

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 30 2008 € 20.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen