Mohammed Kazem Mohammed Kazem – Artist Talk

17. March 2022
Mohammed Kazem on YouTube

Mohammed Kazem – Artist Talk

Mohammed Kazem, born 1969 in Dubai, is counted among the most important representatives of Contemporary Art beyond the United Arab Emirates, where he is hailed as a Shooting Star. Since his extraordinary participation in the 55th Venice Art Biennial at least, his name has become known internationally.

During this years Art Dubai, Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen was able to meet Mohammed Kazem at the fair and talk with him about his art. This weeks video shows that artist talk, which reveals interesting insights into how the artist creates his works and what’s the ideas behind them. If you are interested in Kazem’s art, you should not miss this piece.


Mohammed Kazem - CADORO Directions
Mohammed Kazem
CADORO Directions ‧ 2019
silkscreen as deluxe edition for the catalogue (red)
29 x 21 cm, ed. of 50 copies,
inv. nº 5242
Mohammed Kazem - Receiving light – Cincinnati N° K 02
Mohammed Kazem
Receiving light – Cincinnati N° K 02 ‧ 2018
scratches on hand made paper
22,9 x 30,5 cm,
inv. nº 5885
Mohammed Kazem - Directions (CADORO) Blue
Mohammed Kazem
Directions (CADORO) Blue ‧ 2020
Aluminium and LED Light
70 x 35 cm, ed. of 5 + 1 a.p.,
inv. nº 5902



Collecting Light

Mohammed Kazem Collecting Light

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 54 2019 € 25.00

Zahlen – Zeit – Zeichen

Zahlen – Zeit – Zeichen Numbers – Time – Signs

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 30 2008 € 20.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen