Newsletter: Mario Reis and the Elements

12 October 2023
Mario Reis on YouTube

Newsletter: Mario Reis and the Elements

Mario Reis is a truly delightful person. A brilliant host and captivating storyteller who not only can tell stories, but also has something to say. I should know, I was with him. That is a sacrificial action, to travel him to Gerolstein-Michelbach, one cannot arrive there in the light, it is actually necessary dark with the arrival and one expects a house covered with gingerbread with a bent running wart-nosed inhabitant who wants to fatten one and put in the oven. But still I was not afraid, because on my place was a very civilized note: menu order that evening was in Casa Mario (you may compare it with the Ca’Doro, the Casa Dorothea) salad, chicken wrapped in bacon with fried potatoes, tiramisu and: Champagne, Marquis de Pomereuil, a fresh tasting, fine bubbly champagne, light citrus notes, highly recommended.

Our enjoyment was not only great, but moreover artistically necessary: From the sealing cork released by the enjoyment of the champagne, Mario Reis stamps images that fill an entire book. The cork generates sparkling images. I had become part of his art, a kind of medium. The image that the cork will one day stamp was an echo of my drinking. The champagne paintings are the most representational and painterly series of Mario Reis. Otherwise he does what good parents do as well as artists or the good Lord: he lets art become art. The process of creation with him is perhaps describable as initiation with subsequent admission.

Alexander Wasner, SWR
from his opening speech on October 10th, 2023 in Cadoro in Mainz

In the video of the week, Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen talked at length with Mario Reis about his art and his understanding of the production of his work. The two are closely related. The current exhibition under the title Mario Reis and the Elements is the ideal setting for this, as works from all important work groups are presented in one room. Good prerequisites for a tour rich in content, which we hereby expressly recommend to all friends of art.


Mario Reis - Michelbach
Mario Reis
Michelbach ‧ 2021
Natural watercolours
60 x 60 cm
Mario Reis - Rail Image
Mario Reis
Rail Image ‧ 1982
Train track on wood
gerahmt 74 x 41 cm
Mario Reis - Fleur de Miraval
Mario Reis
Fleur de Miraval ‧ 2021
Cork Stamp
100 x 70 cm



Mario Reis · Retrospektive 50 – 20 – 25

Mario Reis Retrospektive 50 – 20 – 25

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 32 2005 € 21.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen