Mario Reis Black and White in Dialog

6 October 2022
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Mario Reis · Bipolar – Black and White in Dialog

This week we present: Mario Reis.

Characteristic of the work of Mario Reis, born in 1953 in Weingarten in Upper Swabia, is the momentum of elementary forces that he initiates. Using a variety of media, which he allows to actively participate in the creative act, he creates a broad spectrum of impressive works, which, however, do not show any artistic signature. What is astonishing is the almost painterly poetry in the beauty and authenticity of Mario Reis' pictorial results, which are nevertheless never ‘designed’ in the conventional sense. Like a choreographer, the artist merely initiates (and ends) the creative processes, the results of which nevertheless always display a high degree of aesthetic reality.

For his nature watercolours, which are the focus of the current exhibition, Mario Reis places cotton cloths in flowing waters. The current causes sediments to be deposited on the image carrier, thus creating the image. In this way, as he says, the artist gives nature the opportunity to express itself - hence the title Nature Watercolours. For the works in this group, Mario Reis travelled to numerous countries and continents, creating impressive picture cycles such as the North America or Iceland series.


Mario Reis - Dutch Coal Mine Creek, Colorado, USA
Mario Reis
Dutch Coal Mine Creek, Colorado, USA ‧ 1998
rivers on canvas
31 x 32 cm
inv. nº 715



Mario Reis · Retrospektive 50 – 20 – 25

Mario Reis Retrospektive 50 – 20 – 25

Dokumente unserer Zeit · 32 2005 € 21.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen