Lore Bert

7 June 2023
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Europe – Identity in Difference

Lore Bert has not only traveled the world, but has also proven herself to be a true cosmopolitan in word and work. In this respect, her work cycle Europe – Identity in Difference, consisting of 15 works, is particularly significant. It was created from the end of 1993 on the occasion of an exhibition in Brussels and inspired by the founding of the European Union with the Treaty of Maastricht, which came into force on November 1, 1993.

The artist, who has set foot on all continents, noticed during her travels that things are a little different and are done a little differently in the different regions of the world and she found pleasure in these differences and peculiarities that have inspired not a few of her works. The creation of a community that brings its members closer together, but at the same time leaves them their uniqueness, therefore naturally appealed to her extraordinarily.

The famous cycle – now part of the extensive art collection of Reinhold Würth – will be made accessible to the art public at Musée Würth France Erstein from June 11, 2023.

In keeping with her Europe cycle, Lore Bert - following her travels to South and Central America - has created a Latin America cycle. She worked with the magnificent papyrus that she once brought back to her studio from her trip to Egypt, and which is of course familiar to connoisseurs of her work, and combined it with precious 24-carat gold leaf. Just as in the Europe cycle, the individual countries in the region are not designated in German or English, but in the language of the country. In this way, the artist leaves the nations their individuality and yet welds the different countries together into a union.

The art historian and gallerist Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen presents the two work cycles (Europe is represented here by a later cycle on white Japanese paper from 2011), which hang on the 2nd floor of the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science in the bright showroom next to Lore Bert's studio opposite each other - together with their genesis in the usual entertaining and at the same time well-founded way to the audience of our video of the week.


Lore Bert - Cuba – Karibik
Lore Bert
Cuba – Karibik ‧ 2023
Farbe und Blattgold auf Papyrus
50 x 40 cm
cat. nº 23040
Lore Bert - Mexico – Nordamerika
Lore Bert
Mexico – Nordamerika ‧ 2023
Farbe und Blattgold auf Papyrus
50 x 40 cm
cat. nº 23037
Lore Bert - Colombia – Südamerika
Lore Bert
Colombia – Südamerika ‧ 2023
Farbe und Blattgold auf Papyrus
50 x 40 cm
cat. nº 23034



Papyrus-Collagen 2015–2018

Lore Bert Papyrus-Collagen 2015–2018

2018 € 25.00


Lore Bert Europa

Identität in der Differenz
Kunsttheorie vol. 18 ²2013 € 18.00

A Walk through a Life

Lore Bert A Walk through a Life

Lore Bert’s way to the world of art 2021 € 78.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen