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5 January 2023
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Lore Bert · In the Studio

In months of meticulous work, Lore Bert creates large-format relief objects from Japanese paper, which weighs only about 20g but is difficult to tear because of the long fibres of the rice paper. The artist first develops the concept and then transfers the shape and colours, and occasionally gold leaf, onto the wooden picture carrier. Then her industrious assistants dye the white Japanese paper in the colours indicated, cut it into squares of about 6 x 6 cm, fold them into small flowers and mount them individually and piece by piece on the picture carrier. In this way, pictorial objects are created in different sizes and with very different, but always breathtaking effects. Through skilful technique, Lore Bert can create the impression of depth, evoke an oriental touch through the use of ornaments or set noble accents with the help of gold leaf.

In our video of the week at the beginning of the new year, art historian and gallerist Dr Dorothea van der Koelen takes viewers on a visit to the studio of the still highly productive artist from Mainz. There, she is currently working on a large-format painting in rich magenta. With the help of this new work, the gallerist explains in the presence of the artist the process of creating the world-famous relief objects that renowned exhibition houses around the globe have been presenting to the fascinated art public for decades.


Lore Bert - Zig-Zag Grey-White on Magenta
Lore Bert
Zig-Zag Grey-White on Magenta ‧ 2022
relief-object with Japanese paper
180 x 180 cm
cat. nº 22171
Lore Bert - Grey-White on Magenta
Lore Bert
Grey-White on Magenta ‧ 2023
multiple object with Japanese paper
30 x 30 cm
cat. nº 23001



Papierbilder I

Lore Bert Papierbilder I

Arbeiten 1983–2008 2008 € 28.00

Papierbilder II

Lore Bert Papierbilder II

Arbeiten bis 2012 2012 € 22.00

Papierbilder III

Lore Bert Papierbilder III

Arbeiten 2012–2019 2012 € 24.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen