Lore Bert Black and White in Dialogue

10 November 2022
Lore Bert on YouTube

Lore Bert · Bipolar – Black and White in Dialogue

On October 22nd 2022 we opened the doors for the new show under the title Bipolar – Black and White in Dialogue at Cadoro for all friends of art In our newsletters, we would like to introduce you individually to one of the participating artists more in detail, week by week. This week we present: Lore Bert

The still extremely productive artist from Mainz, who has chosen paper as her material, has a special relationship to colours. In various phases of her creative work, she has preferred to use different colours - influenced, among other things, by the impressions she gathered on her travels around the globe. For example, numerous works in turquoise were created under the influence of the turquoise-blue water that Lore Bert experienced on her travels in the Orient, and saffron-yellow works in reference to the tunics of Buddhist monks.

Lore Bert has also created works in noble black and white (rounded off with the 24-carat gold leaf so beloved by the artist) in several phases - most recently in 2017. Dr Dorothea van der Koelen has selected some particularly delicate works for our new themed exhibition and presented them on the 1st floor of the Cadoro. She introduces you to these works in our video of the week.


Lore Bert - White Square
Lore Bert
White Square ‧ 2017
relief-object with Japanese paper and gold leaf
55 x 55 cm
cat. nº 17074
Lore Bert - Black Labyrinth
Lore Bert
Black Labyrinth ‧ 2007
relief-object with Japanese paper
120 x 120
cat. nº 07085
Lore Bert - White Squares
Lore Bert
White Squares ‧ 2015
Japanese paper with cotton
60 x 60
cat. nº 15013
Lore Bert - Bipolar
Lore Bert
Bipolar ‧ 2022
Black and White in Dialogue
view of the exhibition



Papierbilder I

Lore Bert Papierbilder I

Arbeiten 1983–2008 2008 € 28.00

Papierbilder II

Lore Bert Papierbilder II

Arbeiten bis 2012 2012 € 22.00

Papierbilder III

Lore Bert Papierbilder III

Arbeiten 2012–2019 2012 € 24.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen