Lore Bert Artist Talk at the Summer Festival

8 September 2022
Lore Bert on YouTube

Cristiana Coletti · Lore Bert

There is much to discover in the work of Lore Bert. In the artist talk, art and culture journalist Cristiana Coletti takes the viewer into the world of Lore Bert's sacred buildings. Inspired by the numerous sacred buildings of all kinds of religions that she encountered over the years, the artist created works based on architectural drawings.

The name of the group of works is accordingly Anlehnung an … (leaning on …). The title distinguishes the works from actual architectural plans, with which Lore Bert's works must not be confused, for they are artistically processed and thus removed from use, freed from function.

Using the materials she loves – delicate Japanese paper, wax paper, transparent paper, gold leaf, pencil – she creates creative compositions that radiate a great lightness but also a serious solemnity. The austere forms are contrasted by the light white of the paper.

Cristiana Coletti leads the viewer through the genesis of the group of works, from the precursor works Im Zeichen der Metrie to the first journeys to the Orient and the visits to mosques that fired the imagination of the industrious cosmopolitan to the canals of Venice, where the artist from Mainz found a second home at the turn of the millennium.

The artist talk shown in this film took place on the occasion of the Summer Festival 2022 at the Cadoro – Centre for Art and Science in Mainz. At the invitation of Dr Dorothea van der Koelen, visitors were able to meet the artist there in person and also ask their own questions about the 86-year-old's art. For all those who were unable to attend the festival and want to delve deeper into the work of the Mainz paper artist, this film is highly recommended.


Lore Bert - Damascus, Great Mosque (715)
Lore Bert
Damascus, Great Mosque (715) ‧ 1998
ground plan on blue hand-made paper
48 x 64 cm,
cat. nº 98028
Lore Bert - In the Sign of Metry 62
Lore Bert
In the Sign of Metry 62 ‧ 2000
drawing and collage with Japanese on Nepal paper
100 x 100,
cat. nº 00009
Lore Bert - Ettal Abbey
Lore Bert
Ettal Abbey ‧ 2022
Pencil and gold leaf on transparent paper
29,7 x 21 cm,
cat. nº 22113



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