Experiments V · 4+8 – Traces Jiaqing Li

7 September 2023
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Experiments V · 4+8: Jiaqing Li

Jiaqing Li (* 1995) studies with Prof. Dr. Nikolas Gambaroff at the Mainz University of the Arts. Since 2017, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Jiaqing Li lives in Frankfurt and works in Mainz. The focus of Jiaqing’s artistic work lies in a kind of linguistic criticism. He deconstructs the form of his works, which lies between meaningful and meaningless and is an ‘open source’ form. As in software development, the artist uses the term ‘open source’ to emphasize that his artworks are open to any use and to any viewer, and that the viewer as ‘user’ has full access to the artwork.

As an artist, he sees his work as a communication medium that connects the artist’s story with the viewer’s story. Over the past two years, Jiaqing has been experimenting with different ‘consensus’ forms and recognizes the limits of his own understanding as an artist. His work is not about expression, but about the visual connection that can be made with these forms. The artist’s use of a 3D printer is integral to the production of his artwork. He says the materiality is important to the artistic process as well as the production. During his artistic process, the shaping of the basic idea has a significant impact on the artwork.

Dilek Topal & Stefan George Donciu

An unnamed folder, i.e. it can be any folder. The meaning of its existence depends on what the user puts in it. In a way, my work is a shell.

Jiaqing Li

Next Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 3 p.m., there will be a public artist talk with Jiaqing Li at Cadoro – Center for Art and Science. We cordially invite all art lovers to attend the event, meet the artist in person and ask their own questions.


Jiaqing Li - Pixel
Jiaqing Li
Pixel ‧ 2021
Jiaqing Li - Der unbenannte Ordner
Jiaqing Li
Der unbenannte Ordner ‧ 2022



Experimente V

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