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16 November 2023
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Hanns-Josef Ortheil · Cadoro

The writer and pianist Hanns-Josef Ortheil, who is currently the talk of the town with his recently published visual autobiography Kunstmomente, visited us last weekend at the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science in Mainz-Hechtsheim and gave an eagerly awaited and highly acclaimed reading.

In the narrative work with the subtitle Wie ich sehen lernte (How I learned to see), the poet reports on formative events that have decisively shaped his way of visually perceiving the world around him. The volume complements the previously published titles Der Stift und das Papier and Wie ich Klavierspielen lernte to form a trilogy of the senses and the arts. Hanns-Josef Ortheil and the Mainz-based paper artist Lore Bert, who will be familiar to art lovers, have known each other for decades. On the occasion of the reading at the Cadoro, which also houses one of Lore Bert’s studios, the poet took the opportunity to recite a joint work from earlier days - with texts by Hanns-Josef Ortheil and lithographs by Lore Bert – entitled 4 Albumblätter.

In our video of the week, we have recorded Hanns-Josef Ortheil’s celebrated reading at the Cadoro – Center for Art and Science on November 11th, 2023 for all art and literature enthusiasts who were unfortunately unable to attend. We hope you enjoy watching or reliving it.


Lore Bert · Hanns-Josef Ortheil - 4 Albumblätter
Lore Bert · Hanns-Josef Ortheil
4 Albumblätter ‧ 1982
Portfolio, four Lithographs (Bert) and four Texts (Ortheil)
10 sheets, 46 x 33 cm each · 100 Ex.



Hanns-Josef Ortheil Kunstmomente

btb Verlag 2023 € 18.00

Wasser Venezia

Günther Uecker Wasser Venezia

Kunsttheorie vol. 11 2005 € 15.00

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen