Art Düsseldorf 2024

– Sunday, 14 April 2024

Areal Böhler – Stand J 06

Under the title Visions of Beauty, we are celebrating several anniversaries in 2024: 45 years of Gallery Dorothea van der Koelen and 10 years of Cadoro – Center for Art and Science in Mainz. This is an opportunity to look back, but we are also looking to the future.

In the anniversary exhibition in Mainz (from August 25, 2024), we will also include new artistic positions – especially in the summer exhibition in the Cadoro, which will extend over all floors of the entire building. In Venice (from April 19, 2024, coinciding with the opening of the Biennale), we will be showing artists with whom I have worked for decades – such as Daniel Buren, Günther Uecker, Lore Bert, Turi Simeti, Bernar Venet and Joseph Kosuth. But artists of the younger – such as Mohammed Kazem and Nam Tchun-Mo – will also be included.

Works by seven artists from five countries are planned for the stand at Art Düsseldorf. The Korean Nam Tchun-Mo, the Italian Turi Simeti, the Germans Günther Uecker and Lore Bert, the American Joseph Kosuth, the Emirati from Dubai Mohammed Kazem and Gottfried Honegger from Switzerland. They all work with very different techniques and materials and, above all, with different perspectives on the world. Globally, historically and ideologically, a broad framework is set here, from the USA to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In terms of generations, they cover a period of half a century. This also influences their work. The planned presentation will focus on representative works from this international cosmos.

Mohammed Kazem will be showing his recent Coordinates works, which were recently on display at the Ludwigmuseum in Koblenz. In those works, color and water seem to flow through his paper structures.

The Korean Nam Tchun-Mo will be showing his typical relief works with synthetic resin in beige, green, orange and blue.

The Italian ZERO artist Turi Simeti is showing three very different compositions in white, blue and yellow of his famous Ovali.

From the American grand master of conceptual art Joseph Kosuth, we are showing one of his important glass works – as is often the case with Kosuth, with a philosophical background.

Lore Bert has just constructed a series of new works in black, white and gold, which have been completed in recent weeks and will be presented for the first time at the fair. These will be complemented by earlier works with turquoise and multi-colored accents. In addition, one of her highly acclaimed table sculptures – each one a one-off and filled with the crumpled paper for which the Mainz-based artist is known around the globe.

And since every table needs a chair, this one is accompanied by one of the rare Ai Wei Wei chairs from the 2007 Documenta cycle Fairy Tale.

In addition to Gottfried Honegger’s important New York picture from 1953, we are showing one of his legendary works from 1979 with glued cardboard squares, as well as typical works dedicated to the two souls in his chest – Cercle et Carré: Tableau-relief works with a painterly character and a Relief work made of steel – all with a move into the third dimension.

There will be a series of Günther Uecker’s Correlations – photo overpaintings – at my stand, complemented by some of his typically expressive embossed prints.

The presentation of my stand is always a statement against the horrors of this world and for beauty, freedom, peace and happiness – Visions of Beauty. It stands for traditional values as well as innovation. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth J 06 again this year.

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen