Art Düsseldorf 2023

– Sunday, 2 April 2023

Areal Böhler – Stand J 6

The booth of Gallery Dorothea van der Koelen at Art Düsseldorf features works of 7 artists from 5 countries. The Korean Nam Tchun-Mo, the Italian Turi Simeti, the Germans Günther Uecker, Lore Bert and Raimund Girke, the Austrian Heinz Gappmayr and the Emirati from Dubai Mohammed Kazem. They all work in highly diverse techniques and materials and, above all, with different points of view on the world. Globally, historically and ideologically, a broad framework is set here, from the USA to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Generationally, they cover a period of a third of a century, and this also influences their work.

Eros & Thanatos, love and death, are a dialectical pair of opposites, but somehow they also belong together. In order to coexist peacefully, a mediator is needed: white. In the fair presentation, the focus is on works in these colours. Nam Tchun-Mo and Mohammed Kazem cover them all, as do Turi Simeti and Lore Bert. By Günther Uecker, Raimund Girke and Heinz Gappmayr there are pure works in white, grey or black-and-white.

By Mohammed Kazem there are – apart from completely white Scratches and the grey-black-white works from the Receiving Light series – also red works such as in the Corona Scratches series or also monochrome red Scratches, but all of them not with a focus on the colourfulness as a significantly interpretable phenomenon, but determined by their aesthetics.

Raimund Girke, born 1930, often presented in the ZERO environment, is considered the ‘painter of white’. We are showing a wonderful white canvas by him from the 1970s, together with ink works on handmade paper.

The Korean Nam Tchun-Mo shows his typical relief works with synthetic resin in black and white, plus a canvas painting with red accents.

The Italian ZERO artist Turi Simeti, who has chosen the oval as his defining form, has realised a lot in white, a little in black and individual works in red. A wonderful selection of these can be seen at our booth.

From the Austrian master of ‘visual poetry’ Heinz Gappmayr there are significant text panels such as the French BLANC or the spatial text erahnte Nähe (adumbrated proximity).

Lore Bert has just produced another series of new works in black and white, as well as in magenta. We have brought the latest relief objects and transparencies with us to Düsseldorf.

A large-format cloth work by Günther Uecker with a 3-metre Waterfall is presented. “Being is in the process of becoming.” is what the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclith would have said …

Isn’t life subject to constant change? Don’t we always have to be on the lookout for new (survival) strategies? Life comes into being (Eros), passes away (Thanatos) and comes into being again, an eternal cycle. Art accompanies us through this cycle of life, gives us beautiful moments, new perceptions and insights. The beauty of art is peace-making, as the ZERO people recognised in the 1960s after the Second World War. “Beauty, freedom, purity, silence, peace”, which is also described in the history of philosophy as “Unum Verum Bonum”, as the beautiful, true and good, which is always somehow also connected.

The presentation of my booth is a statement against the horrors of this world and for beauty, freedom, peace and happiness.

Dr.  Dorothea  van der Koelen